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With 3 major hurricanes just happening recently and still there is about a month to go in hurricane season. We thought it would be a good idea to give you a refresher on driving in a hurricane. Here are a few driving tips that will help you.

If, in spite of all your preparation, you may find yourself on the road when a hurricane hits:

  • Stay in your car and try to find shelter — an overpass or parking garage — if you can.
  • When possible, avoid driving through water, which can hide dangers, damage your engine, or even carry your vehicle away.
  • Stop ay all railroad crossings, as the barriers may not be working. Proceed only when you are sure the tracks are clear.
  • Watch out for wires that have been knocked down in the storm. You could get stuck driving through them, and worse, they could make rescue impossible.
  • Minimize driving in an outage area, if possible. If you must drive through an outage area, be careful at all intersections. Treat intersections with inoperable traffic signals as four-way stops and proceed with extra caution
  • When you’re on the road during a storm, it’s important to remain aware of what’s around you. Because of their increased surface area, larger vehicles, trailers, big trucks, and buses are actually more vulnerable when driving in high winds. Keep your eyes out for large vehicles and maintain more of a distance than normal.
  • As you head away from the storm, don’t set the cruise control and go. Cruise control can cause your vehicle to accelerate during a hydroplane, making a bad situation worse in just seconds. If you hydroplane, let off the gas slowly and steer straight until your tires find the road again. Don’t slam on the brakes or turn the steering wheel. Once you regain traction, lightly tap the brake pedal to help dry the brakes. If it’s raining hard that you can’t see the road or the car in front of you, it is always best to pull over and wait it out.

When it comes to hurricanes, your best bet is to stay clear of danger altogether. If you find yourself caught in a big storm during the next few months, however, keep these tips in mind to avoid the worst and stay safe on the road.

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