Avoid Bad Driving Habits

bad driving habits


We at USA Insurance Companies know that all of us slip into Bad Driving Habits at times. We would like to give an update on the most common Bad Driving Habits. These habits could result in a crash or a traffic violation. Please avoid these to help keep our roads safe.

  • Failing to signal. It’s important to let other drivers and pedestrians know your next move so they can slow down and accommodate. It is important to signal at least 100 feet in advance.
  • Rolling through stop signs. Even if you think the streets are clear, come to a complete stop before turning or proceeding into the intersection. If you don’t and the intersection is not an all-way stop, you may cause an accident.
  • Slowing down to look at crashes or construction. ‘Rubbernecking’ is not only dangerous, but can also contribute to a chain reaction of slowed traffic. Keep your eyes on the road ahead so you can stay alert to closed lanes or police officers directing traffic after a crash.
  • Running yellow or red lights. It can increase your chance of a crash. If the light turns yellow before you reach the intersection, it’s best not to risk it, go ahead and stop.
  • Disregarding the speed limit. Though posted speed limits vary by state, use the following ranges as a general guide if you don’t see a posted limit:
    • Residential area: 15-30 mph
    • Undivided road (rural): 40-55 mph
    • Divided road (rural): 55-70 mph
    • Freeway: 55-65 mph
  • Texting while Driving. This has become one of the worst and most common bad driving habits as of recent times. Please don’t text while you drive, statistics are mounting that this has caused many major accidents.

We at USA Insurance Companies hope this information helps you avoid Bad Driving Habits. When looking for low cost auto insurance please visit our website at www.usainuranceco.net. We are considered the low cost auto insurance leader in South Mississippi. We have 7 convenient locations to serve you.

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