Black Ice is Very Dangerous

Black Ice

Winter driving isn’t only about dealing with snow; ice on the road is a real threat. It is dealing with what is referred to as Black Ice. Black Ice is actually like regular ice, it is a glaze that forms on the surfaces because of a light freezing rain or because of melting and re-freezing of snow, water, or ice. water, or ice on surfaces. You can better protect yourself by understanding and knowing how to deal with this winter issue.

The main reason Black Ice is so dangerous is because it is hard to detect in advance. Knowing where to expect black ice is important. Black ice usually forms just about the freezing point. Sometimes in frigid weather conditions on highways, black ice will form due to the heat of tires on the road coupled with the freezing temperature. Keep an eye on the weather and highway reports.

  • Black ice forms most commonly at night or in the early morning when the temperatures are at their lowest.
  • Black ice tends to form on parts of the road without much sunshine, such as along a tree-lined route or a tunnel. It will also form more frequently on roads that are less traveled on.
  • Black ice forms readily on bridges, overpasses and the road beneath overpasses.


If possible, it is a good idea to practice driving on ice in a safe surrounding. A large empty parking lot with ice on it is ideal. Practice parking on the ice. Understand how your car feels and handles in these conditions. Knowing how your braking system feels and works in these conditions is important.


If you encounter Black Ice, your first reaction should be to remain calm and avoid overreacting. The general rule is to do as little as possible and allow the car to pass over the ice. Avoids hitting the brakes, and try and keep the steering wheel straight. If you feel the back end of your car sliding to either side, make a gentle turn of the steering wheel in the same d direction.


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