Agent or Company When Buying Auto Insurance?

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Agent or Company when buying Auto Insurance

You can become quite confused when buying auto insurance. What is meant here is that you can buy auto insurance from an independent agent, an exclusive agent, and directly from an insurance company. Let us at USA Insurance Companies explain the differences so that when you are shopping for auto insurance for your new car, new used car, or your existing car, you have a clear understanding.

An Exclusive Agent is an agent that works for a company like State Farm. They are agents that strictly sale auto insurance for State Farm and are paid a commission on their sale of by that company. When a claim is required, you can call your local agent but the claim itself is normally handled by the company’s claim department.

An Independent Agent is one that sells many insurance lines with several different companies that he or she represents. They attempt to find you the best rate by shopping the companies they represent.  They are as well paid a commission by the insurance company they place your policy with. Similar to the exclusive agent, the claims are handled by the company that has your coverage in its claims department. The agent here probably has less clout with the claims department than the exclusive agent could possibly have to help expedite your claim. Neither may really have any clout when it comes to helping with your auto claim.

And finally buying from the Insurance Company. This usually is your best option when you are looking for the best value at the most affordable price for the following reasons:

  • No agent to pay commissions to, therefore lowering in most cases your premiums.
  • Dealing directly with a company representative that knows all the details about all the policy options you can choose in your particular situation.
  • Your claims are handled directly by a representative of the company.

We at USA Insurance Companies are the insurance company. We only sell low cost auto insurance to meet your budget and coverages requirements. We do not have outside agents that represent our company, therefore not paying commissions to agents. This is one reason we are considered the leading low cost auto insurance company in South Mississippi. We have 7 convenient offices to serve you. All of our offices have experienced representatives that can help you select the best coverages that is within your budget. No matter what your driving history, we can cover your vehicle.

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