Freezing Rain know the Difference

freezing rain, snow, sleet

Freezing Rain, Snow, and Sleet. Freezing rain is simply rain that falls through a shallow layer of cold temperatures at or below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees F) near the surface. When this rain becomes supercooled, it can freeze on contact with roads, bridges, trees, power lines, and vehicles. When freezing rain accumulates, it can add a lot of weight on trees – a quarter of an inch of ice can add 500 pounds of weight – which can bring trees down and result in numerous power outages and damage to homes.

Freezing rain is typically the weather threat that creates the most car accidents, injuries, and deaths in winter storms. Many people can drive in the rain and snow, but when the roads become icy, it is almost impossible to drive.

It is important to know how precipitation falls as rain, sleet, or snow.

Snow forms when the entire layer of air is sub-freezing. Snow consists of ice crystals and is white and fluffy.

2) Sleet forms when the layer of sub-freezing air is fairly deep, 3,000 to 4,000 feet. This allows time for the water droplet to freeze into a tiny piece of ice and become sleet as it falls to the surface. Precipitation in the wintertime that falls as tiny ice pellets is sleet. Hail is only associated with strong thunderstorms and are larger in size and can cause damage.

3) Freezing rain forms when the sub-freezing layer is very shallow. 2,000 feet from the surface, temperatures are above freezing, so any precipitation that falls is liquid. Once rain hits that shallow, cold air near the surface, it freezes on contact with any object.

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