Safely Lane Merging

safely merging into lanes

We at USA Insurance Company would like to share these safety tips with you on Safely Merging into Lanes while Driving

  1. You should yield to drivers on the freeway, but avoid stopping unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Adjust your speed to match the flow of traffic before entering the roadway.
  3. Find a three- to four-second gap in traffic to merge into.
  4. Check for cars around your vehicle before entering a lane. And remember to check your blind spot. Your mirrors can be deceiving, you should quickly turn and glance to insure no car in alongside yours.
  5. Signal your intentions early. You should do so 100 to 300 feet before merging or changing lanes.
  6. Wait for the solid line to end before merging. The solid line indicates that merging or passing is not permitted there. Also if passing the dotted line has to be on your side for this to be permissible.
  7. Cross one lane of traffic at a time.
  8. If you must pass a vehicle, pass on the left and return to your lane once the vehicle is visible in your rearview mirror. Increase this distance when passing larger vehicles.
  9. Be prepared for your exit, and maneuver into the far-right lane as you approach it.
  10. In general, keep up with the speed of traffic until you exit.

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